Extraordinary sea creatures found took no time to create a viral buzz

Social media has become a platform more to show any of the extraordinary things available. This time, pictures of a fish and a snake like fish have conquered the viral buzz.

A fish with bizarrely human-like features are going viral on social media. Found and photographed in Malaysian waters, the fish in the viral pics appears to be something straight out of ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ with its lips and teeth that look distinctly human. Two pictures of the fish were shared earlier this month by a Twitter user and have since collected thousands of reactions and ‘likes’ on the microblogging platform.

Take a look at the viral pictures below and see if you can identify the fish:


The Rakyat Post identified the fish as a triggerfish and said that it is common around Malaysia, where the strange-looking creature is known as “ayam laut” or “ikan jebong”.

The pictures have garnered over 14,000 ‘likes’ and more than 8,000 comments and ‘retweets’. Many in the comments section puzzled over the fish and marvelled at its teeth.

The triggerfish belongs to the Balistidae family, and they are scattered around the world’s seas. According to the National Geographic, these fish are famous for their “nasty behaviour” and often charge at intruders, including other sea creatures as well as human divers. They use their tough teeth and powerful jaws to fight sea urchins and crabs, but their bite can also puncture diving suits.

This is not the only strange-looking sea creature that has gone viral on social media recently. Nothing captures social media’s attention like the mystery of the unknown – and this video going viral online is proof. The video in question initially appears to show a snake slithering across a rock. A few seconds in, however, the serpent-like creature reveals itself fully – and it is, in all probability, unlike anything you have seen before.

While many came up with outlandish theories – including five snakes sharing a hat and baby Cthulhu – some Twitter users managed to identify the creature as a brittle star or ophiuroid.

Brittle stars are sea creatures that are closely related to starfish and are also known as serpent stars. There are more than 2,000 species of brittle stars, and many of them are found in deep sea. They crawl across the ocean floor using their long arms.

Source: NDTV, Rakyat

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