Retail Inflation Rate worsens in June, 5.84% in March

Due to inadequate data government suspends the release for the month of April and May

Inflation based on Consumer Price Index (CPI), or retail inflation for the month of June increased in comparison to the last recorded one in the month of March.

June rate is 6.09% as against 5.84% in March, as per government shown data.

The official release by the Ministry of Statistics also mentioned that to address the non-availability of data for several sub-groups during April and May, 2020, the National Statistical Office (NSO) undertook a separate exercise based on the imputation methodology recommended in ‘Business Continuity Guidelines’.

The government had suspended the release of headline inflation numbers for April and May and had collected data only for food inflation due to inadequate data collection during two-month long lockdown.

The June inflation numbers are higher than expectation as a Reuters poll of economists had predicted inflation to have slowed down to 5.30 per cent.

However, food inflation in June has eased to 7.87 per cent, from 9.20 per cent in May.

Source: NDTV

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