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Mayank Kalra and Sougata Basu, Bangalore

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Dappled by the sunshine and surrounded by greenery, this couple’s wedding was a serene one brimming with joyful moments.

Surrounded by their loved ones and accompanied by their babies, Mayank and Sougata’s intimate wedding in Bangalore was filled with love as they walked down the aisle towards a new, happy beginning. With minimalistic decor that paved the way for adorable moments, their wedding was a modern fairytale come true.

How They Met
Mayank and Sougata share, “Well, our first meeting was more than a decade back via a website. Sougata used to live and work in Bangalore at that time too and I had just moved into Bangalore with my first job. My office was close to where Sougata lived and we decided to stay together for a few days till I found a place for myself near the office and we did look for some places together till one fine day we decided to live together and rest, as they say, is history!

Falling in love is a journey. After being in love for more than a decade we still fall in love with each other every day. However, in the early days of our relationship what drew us closer to each other was our commonness. While we do have a bunch of differences too but in the basic fundamentals of life we are very similar. Our outlook towards life, parents, family, career, and responsibilities are quite the same and that always allowed us to bond stronger. Sougata was the first to propose though, while I took a couple of weeks to confirm but we both always knew this relationship was up for the keeps. There are small things which we keep doing for each other even today which keep our love and romance alive. Aside to love, we both have tremendous respect for each other and we are best friends to each other.”

The next step was meeting each other’s families and friends as Mayank shares, “Meeting friends and family happened organically with time. While for the first five years of our relationship, we were still only ‘good friends’ with our family and friends till one day we came out to our sisters and then a year later to our parents. But even before that both our families and friends liked us and now they say they knew something was brewing before we informed them.”

Wedding Planning
Mayank and Sougata share, “When we started dating we never really thought that we will be able to get married one day leave aside from getting married in front of our parents. And for us, that was the most special thing about our marriage which is to get married in the presence of both our parents and also our immediate relatives and friends. The icing on the cake was the day we chose for our wedding was also the first birthday of our babies! Now they will never be able to complain that they were not invited to their parents’ wedding. We did all the ceremonies, like, cocktail night, mehndi, haldi and then mostly all the rituals of marriage. Our Panditji was also very cool and explained everything in detail.”

Weddings Functions
Pre-wedding Events
Prior to their wedding, the couple hosted a few pre-wedding events that were simple in style. With a quiet mehndi where the couple got minimalistic henna patterns on their palms to a sunny haldi adorned with marigolds, these celebrations focussed on Mayank and Sougata relishing cheery moments surrounded by their friends.

Flaunting a white colour palette that contrasted with the surrounding greenery, the wedding decor was a dreamy one with peach and pink blooms adding colour. The rituals took place under a simply constructed wedding mandap while the reception stage was adorned with blooms and surrounded by delicate chairs that were also decorated with foliage and flowers. Later in the evening, the newlyweds also celebrated their childrens’ birthday.

On Parenthood
As surrogate parents the couple shares their view on the process, “We always wanted to be fathers. We didn’t know how and when or for that matter if it could ever happen but once we came out to our families and were accepted by them that’s when this desire became more profound. It was then that we started looking up, educating ourselves about the possible ways. One of our close friends from the community who was going to be a father through surrogacy helped us with a lot of information and motivation.
The process started in September 2020 and our babies arrived in June 2021. Luckily for us, the laws allowed us then. The surrogacy laws of India have changed in December 2021 and now allow surrogacy to only infertile, heterosexual, married couples.”

For them, parenthood has been a revelation where the couple has also grown as individuals as they’ve witnessed their children grow. They go on to share, “Parenthood has changed us in so many beautiful ways. It has made us calmer, more patient and definitely much more mature. Being parents had also helped us discover different facets of our personality and has strengthened our bond too. Today, we are always thinking about our babies before anyone else. Our lives revolve around them! Of course, we also acknowledge that we are blessed and that has made us more giving, humble and grateful.”

The Wedding Makers
Venue: Farmhouse Social, Bangalore
Wedding Outfits: KASBAH by Nischay Sajdeh
Décor: Sonal Agarwal
Photography: Eshantraju Photography
Videography: Sushanth Bhat Films

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