Actor Sonu Sood demands extension in the examination dates of JEE Main & NEET Exam 2020

Sonu Sood has also demanded to extend the date of JEE and NEET examination to be held from September 1 to September 6.

The government announced the date of NEET and JEE examination for admission in medical and engineering. There is a lot of ruckus all over the country regarding this. Due to the current corona crisis, students are demanding that this exam should be postponed. But the government is rigid on its decision. Now there are only a few days left in this exam and in such a situation, the protest is increasing even more. At this time of the Corona period, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has also appealed to the government, tweeting in this matter.

Sonu Sood, while appealing to the government on Twitter, said that for now, NEET and JEE examination should be canceled. Sonu Sood wrote on Twitter, “Children appearing for #NEETJEE examinations come from remote areas. If there is a flood in any village in Bihar, there is complete closure or lockdown in any district. Yes, the examination is necessary but the protection of those young shoulders is equally important. Is. If everything stops in front of nature in the whole world, then the examination should be postponed for some time. ”

Highlighting this, Sonu also said that students come from far and wide to give the exam and in the current situation it will be difficult for everyone to reach the examination center. Significantly, the Supreme Court has also given permission to conduct NEET and JEE exams. In such a situation, the government is no longer in the mood to postpone these exams.

The Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main Exam 2020) is to be organized from September 1 to September 6 by the National Examination Agency (NTA) amid fears of coronavirus. However, right now many student groups from political parties are demanding extension of the examination date due to Covid-19. The actor has appealed to extend the date of examination considering the situation of Covid-19 and the flood in Bihar. Sonu Sood is demanding from the government through social media.


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