Interview with Dhaakad Girl Deepanshi Yadav


Here is the interview:

Ques: Who is Deepanshi?  Describe in your words.

Ans: A Singer, live performer, writer, composer, and social activist. I am very soft-hearted; this is my power and also weakness sometimes. Besides it, I am very ambitious, but sometimes over-ambitious too. I need to focus a lot and improve myself on a daily basis.

I am still learning and will keep learning throughout life.

Ques: When did you decide to make your career in singing?

Ans: I don’t remember the exact day… but I was very little when once I performed on teacher’s day, then I was in the 1st standard. My mother found out the talent which was carved in my soul… and the things started and here I am

Ques: Who supported you most: your Family or Friends?

Ans: I think both family and friends played a significant role in my life. I started my career with the support of my family and later on, I continued it with the help of a few friends…

Ques: What is your biggest strength and weakness?

Ans: My strength is: Music is my passion, and I made my passion as my profession…This is the reason I can dedicate myself to music around 15 hours daily without getting tired or bored…I love what I am doing and moving forward without any distractions.

And I won’t share my weakness with anyone. Don’t mind.

Ques: What is your biggest wish?

Ans: To become the best music performer in India and then spread my work outside the nation or represent our country in the world in the music field.

Ques: What do you want people to remember about you?

Ans: My voice, my dedication, I will share my positive and negative experiences when I’ll be what I want… So that people may learn from my experiences instead of wasting their own time in experiencing those things… Because in the end, TIME matters…We utilize it or just waste it, it pays off accordingly

Ques: How did u get the idea to do a song like Jane Do?

Ans: I don’t understand why people spread criticism and hate over social media… I get threats almost daily for being bold with my words or my lifestyle. People abuse me in the name of culture, tradition, etc. They even don’t know our culture clearly; they just don’t want any girl living freely on her own choices… So to give them a befitting reply, I collected those comments as the question on me and replied by a rap…And in the end-

“Kabhi kandhe se kandha mila kar chal ke to dekh,

 Ek behtar duniya banne me waqt nahi lagega”

Ques: If you hadn’t been a singer what would u be?

Ans: I never thought of this… Because I am grown up with this mentality that I am a Singer… I will learn everything and become a better version of myself daily.

Ques: What you want to say to the people who want to make their careers in the arts?

Ans: If you enjoy some form of art, if you have talent, if you are ready to dedicate your whole life to it then go for it… Many will demotivate you and very less will motivate you. You just hold on with strong willpower. And always remember-

They want you to do good, but never better than them…

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