Sushant’s sister shared flight’s e-tickets responding to the allegations made by Rhea

Shweta Singh Kirti has expressed a lot of tweets from her Twitter handle, expressing dissatisfaction over the matter of Rhea's allegations.

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput death case is consistently facing new ups and downs. However, in an exclusive interview on Thursday evening, Riya Chakraborty also made all such shocking revelations after which many people are now trying to look at this whole case from a new perspective.

On the other hand, Shweta Singh Kirti has expressed a lot of tweets from her Twitter handle, expressing dissatisfaction over this matter. Shweta in her tweet accused Rhea that she gave drugs to Sushant without his consent.

Shweta Singh Kirti wrote in the tweet, “I wish brother had never met that girl. Giving him (Sushant) drugs without anyone’s will and then convincing him (Sushant) that you are not well, take him to a psychiatrist . On which level were you trying to manipulate him? How will you be able to forgive your soul? You have already done so much. ”

Shweta wrote, “You really have dared come on the national media and spoil the image of my innocent brother after his death. Do you think God is not looking at you for what you have done? I have faith in God. Now I really want to see what punishment He gives you. ”

Shweta has tweeted in which she has shared the flight’s e-ticket. Sharing this, Shweta wrote, “As Riya mentioned in the interview that we did not love my brother. Yes, right. That’s why I came to India from America in January when I came to know that my brother is coming to Chandigarh and he is not fine. I had to stop my business and leave my children behind. ”

“He was drugged, he was kept separate in restrictions. As soon as he reached Chandigarh he had 25 calls to Riya in 2-3 days. Why? Was there an emergency to call him back so soon?” In all these tweets, Shweta has responded to all the serious allegations that Riya has made on her and her family in a special interview. She has used the hashtag #ArrestRheaNow in almost every tweet. She tweeted:


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