Musakaan completes 400 episodes on air this September

Musakaan lead actress Yesha Rughani visits the ‘City of Nawabs’- Lucknow

Lucknow, 19th September, 2019: Star Bharats’ most popular show, Musakaan chronicles the journey and struggles faced by a timid, yet strong-minded young woman. The show is a shining example of women-empowerment and illustrates the necessity of educating young girls.

Aside from having a strong social-message, the show is also a romantic saga which showcases the growing love between Raunak and Muskaan. It is a fine example of the kind of love and understanding required to make the relationship between a husband and wife work. Recently the show completed 400 episodes and Yesha visited Lucknow at Vivanta by Taj for the promotions.

Having recently hit the landmark of 400 episodes, the current plot showcases the journey of Muskaan who is trapped in a staunchly patriarchal society in a village in Haryana. The current track of the show focuses on the love blossoming between Raunak and Muskaan. As Muskaan’s husband, will Raunak be able to save her from the oppressive, male-dominant village and bring her back against all odds?

The talented lead, Yesha Rughani, confident about portraying and embodying her character in the show says, “I was motivated by the concept of the show, as it stands to tell us that one can come up in life no matter what their background and struggles were. My character in the show, Musakaan, shows a lot of growth and evolution. It gave me a chance to be a versatile actor. I’m grateful to be a part of Musakaan’s journey and participate in it. In addition to this, it is also extremely rewarding to be a part of such a successful show and work with such a talented cast and crew. I am learning and growing every day and this keeps me motivated. I have faced many challenges but I have grown tremendously as an actor. Sometimes to be able to portray an emotion or a particular stunt, it can take a while, but its gratifying work, and nothing beats the satisfaction you get at the end of the day when you get it right.”

A wide-eyed Yesha Rughani further comments on the completion of 400 Episodes and being in Lucknow, “It feels good as the show is very special to me. I’m happy with the way it has turned out and am fortunate to be a part of a story which receives so much love from its viewers. Not many shows come this far in the industry but Musakaan as a show has proved its grit and stood the test of time. Also, the hard work put in by the entire cast and crew has played a huge part in building this wonderful achievement. I recently visited Lucknow for the first time, the people were very warm and welcoming. I was very excited to try the various delicious dishes that Lucknow has to offer. Also, I have managed to get a hold of some beautiful Lucknowi suits, I adore Indian traditional wear. I absolutely loved my stay here and I’m looking forward to visit The City of Nawabs many more times.”

Here is a video wherein Yesha Rughani talks to us about serial  Muskaan completing  400 episodes


To know more about the fate of Raunak and Muskaan’s destiny, tune in to Musakaan from Monday to Saturday at 9:30pm only on Star Bharat.

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Reporter – Isha Rastogi

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