Workshop @avinash_calligraphy- Copperplate + Flourishing

Workshop Copperplate is a form of calligraphy done with a pointed metal calligraphy nib

Copperplate + Flourishing Calligraphy Workshop

Copperplate is a form of calligraphy done with a pointed metal calligraphy nib.The style is primarily used in English and American calligraphic traditions & the style originated in the 16th and 17th centuries as a quill-written cursive script, often called round hand. The application of script is now days are wider for example Title of movies, Book covers, Name plates, House names, Cake tops and many more. Most of the time it’s used on Wedding Invitation and for preparing guest names. So make your calligraphy master stroke with @avinash_calligraphy.

The schedule of the workshop:

Day 1:-

Introduction to Copperplate calligraphy script
Warmup exercises
Introduction to Oblique holder
How to make inks

Day 2 :-

Basic Strokes,
Lowercase Letters.
Lowercase Flourishing.
Essential supply list

Day 3:-

1.Basic strokes for Uppercase lettering

2.Uppercase Letters

3.Uppercase Flourishing, Basic flourishing


5.Connecting letters and composition methods

How to do composition
How to Apply this knowledge
How to make assignment

we provide :-

copperplate workbook pdf
practice worksheets after workshop pdf
Digital flourishing names to each participants
Recorded class for 2 week access

Material Required Workshop:-

1.Oblique Holder

2.Nibs (2) Nikko G

3.Ink pot with walnut ink

5. Pencil and pens

100 gsm paper

you can purchase material from

Note :- There will be no refund once you sign up for the class. Plz note this carefully and all the material provided to you is copyright under brand oricalli.

its not for sell or reproduce by any means.

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