A mobile game ‘Caroboi’ developed by a class 9th student based on Covid-19 guidelines

Baldeep Ningthojam, studying in the ninth class, has made a game in the Corona era. Whose name is Koroboi. Baldeep belongs to Imphal, Manipur.

Baldeep Ningthojam, studying in the ninth class, has made a game in the Corona era. Whose name is Caroboi. Baldeep belongs to Imphal, Manipur. The most important thing about his game is that it is based on the coronavirus guidelines. This game is now available for Android users. According to the description on Google Play, “Caroboi is a boy from Manipur, India who is trapped outside and wants to go to his house. Wearing a traditional Manipuri dress, with a mask on his face, he moves towards his goal. He gets points for this but if the police catch him, he has to pay a fine of 5000 points.”

Speaking to news agency ANI, Baldip says that he wants to become an ethical hacker. He says, “I want to be an ethical hacker and want to know more about Artificial Intelligence and the rest of the technics. My Uncle suggested me to build a game over Kovid so I got interested in it. The development of this game It was completed only last week, it was launched on Friday. It was new to me so I took the help of YouTube and some articles to get a complete understanding. ”

Coroboi is a game for android os which is launched by Baldeep. In this game, he is portraying a boy wearing a face mask and a ‘Leirum Phee’ (a Manipuri traditional cloth) running to get essential nutrients for boosting immunity to defend himself from COVID-19 virus and the police which costs the player 5,000 points if caught.

The game has created quite a trend as it is getting more than 4 review on Google Play Store. There are nearly 5000 download count has shown by Play Store while the exact number of downloads is 7,129 as per information provided from the whizz-kid’s personal Facebook page where he keeps on updating about his work.

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