Team Building 1.0 | HeARTbeat


Team Building 1.0 | HeARTbeat

There is an art to team building. When building it’s crucial to not be so focused on the numbers. Let the heartbeat of your business ring.

Group Information: Virtual Meeting

Event Name: Virtual Yours Team Building 1.0 ~ Heartbeat




1 PM – Beyond Business

When you forget your purpose as a leader your team is affected. We are talking about more than numbers and logistics. We will reiterate your why and how do people play into your ultimate goals?

3:30 PM – At the Heart of Emotional Intelligence

We are talking about Emotional Intelligence your business or ministry and how the human heart plays a role in the merger.

7 PM – A Leader’s Heartbeat

A great opportunity to hear from two dynamic East Coast leaders that have made significance difference in the lives of thousands if not millions of leaders across the world. This is all because of their heartbeat. You don’t want to miss this!


3:30 PM – All Hearts on the Table

Team building requires seeing all contributing parts.

8:30 PM – Leading with A Mother’s Heart

From the mouth of three mothers who are leaders in their own right we will hear their view on leading in business and ministry and how motherhood compelled their effectiveness as leaders.

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