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Launch of Digital Exhibition by Save the Children and Amity University of Photographs of Children in street Situations

Lucknow, Nov 25: “LENS ON THE LIFE OF CHILDREN ON STREETS” A collection of photographs based on Children in street situation was Launched by Save the Children today through a first of its kind digital exhibition put up through a Microsite on the virtual platforms. The exhibition was collectively launched by Ms Preeti Verma, Member SCPCR, MsRuchita Chaudhary, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime Against women, MsShabnamPanday, Spokesperson, BJP Uttar Pradesh, Shri Sanjay Johri, Director Amity School of Communications and Mr Devendra Tak, Head, Media & Communications, Save The Children National Support Office New Delhi.

The collection of photographs were taken by students of Amity School of Communication through a workshop organized by Save the Children with children living in the slum bastis of Kanshi Ram Colony in Para Lucknow.

Introducing the concept of the Digital Exhibition on Children in Street Situations,Devendra Tak, Head, Media and Communications Save the Childrenshared, “Children Living in Street Situations are among the most vulnerable of all children. They are the Invisibles as even though we see them everyday we often look through them. This digital exhibition is an effort to bring these children into focus, so that every stakeholder can remember their responsibility towards ensuring their well being. Here are the images from their lives that no one can overlook.”

Prof (Dr) Sanjay Mohan Johri, Director  Amity School of Communications Amity University  Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Campus, said, “Street Children in Indian cities have become a normal sight. When we see them, we surprisingly don’t find it unusual which in itself is disturbing. This is the time to re-sensitise the nation and especially budding journalism students about the harsh lives of these children. Amity University Lucknow Campus is pleased to join hands with Save the Children in this effort. The Photo Journalism workshop played an important role in capturing the issues of CiSS.”

Speaking on the occasion Preeti Verma, Member UP SCPCR said, “ The issue of Street Children is a huge and important one. There have been many efforts to reach out to these children and work on their rehabilitation and Save the Children has been foremost in doing. This exhibition is an excellent window into the kind of life the children are living on the streets and what we need change for them. Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights will put on display permanently these photographs from the exhibition at the commission as it is a constant reminder of lives of Children of Uttar Pradesh and what needs to be improved.”

Adding to that Ruchita Chaudhary, Deputy Commission Crimes Agaisnt Women Cell said, “I congratulate Save the Children and Amity University for this initiative, it is a very strong representation of the Rights of Children. The effort of State Government and Police is to create a society where women and children should not struggle for security respect and self dependence. Initiatives like the glimpse of the lives of the most deprived children through the exhibition gives us a good idea what is lacking and how we can help change it.”

ShabnamPanday, Spokesperson BJP, “At the outset I congratulate Save the Children for their committed efforts to bring change to the lives of children on streets. I have been personally involved with this organization’s work for children on streets and have seen some commendable work done. The Govt of Uttar Pardesh is also working in that direction and has been provided many schemes among which is the initiative to get all main crossings in Lucknow adopted by NGOsto work with children begging on these crossings. The government is also giving INR 2000 to the family of each child and asking them not to send their children to work on the streets. I am very happy to see this exhibition by Save the Children and Amity University as it is an important step to sensitize the society towards this marginalized section of the society. By involving students and youth Save the Children has ensured that they too will get sensitive towards such issues and if every student decides to support and rehabilitate one street child each they will be a huge change and add to success of efforts of the government, society and country. I thank Save the Children for being the torch bearers for initiating such a change.”

The launch was also joined in by Aviral Nigam and Angela Herman, Students of BJMC Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus whose photographs were also on display. Both students shared their experience of meeting and interacting with street children and getting to know the life they live.

India is home to more than 444 million street children below the age of 18 years, equal to approx. 37% of   India’s total population. Together, youth who are in 18-25 years and children comprise of more than 52% of the population, enough to define India as a young country. When assessed further as per UNICEF estimates there are more than 11 million street children in India.

The exhibition raises the pertinent question why are the children on street  exposed to the life of deprivation and neglect. Children living on the streets of India do not even have  access to the most basic rights of children living in street situations.

To address these concerns and involve youth as changemakers for Rights of Children, a unique partnership was developed by North Hub Save the Children through which Amity University was approached with the idea to organize a Photo Workshop and Digital Photo Exhibition of photographs taken by students of Photo Journalism of Amity University Lucknow through a unique workshop organized by Save the Children.

The photography workshop was aimed at helping youth today get a glimpse of the children’s world on the streets and give an exposure to the youth of today to the life of millions of children living on the streets. By capturing their lives on camera they would become the voices of the CiSS and the harbingers of change for the children.

About the Digital Exhibitione-Lens on the Life of Street Children


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