School With A Difference

ALMORA: Teachers have one of the most challenging and fulfilling jobs—literally shaping and changing lives. And this is what this school “Koormanchal Academy” is doing from years.But much of the work that teachers here do also is about the intangible—it’s about fostering that almost indescribable, and yet unmistakable, spark between teachers and students.Teachers here see the potential in every student who walks through the door, even when he may not yet recognize his own gifts. It’s there when teachers notice and attend to the child quietly sitting in their class, hoping no one will notice that their world has fallen apart at home. It’s there when they offer a listening ear and assistance to the student who has no place to call home, who lacks a support system beyond the schoolyard, or who simply hasn’t found her way yet. It’s there when they feed the child who is hungry, when they check in on the student who has missed school, and when they build their classroom into a safe community that is full of the wonder and joy of learning. Teachers of this school recognize that every child has a unique set of skills and talents to share with the world and theystrive to help each of them engage in real, rigorous, and relevant learning that can set them on a path to realizing their potential. They do whatever it takes to be champions of students and to prepare them for the incredible opportunities and achievements they know lie ahead. *And carrying on the legacy koormanchal academy organised a craft fair consisting of students from class 4 to6 on 14th of August* . It was great to see such immense talent in these small kids.Head master of the school Mr K.K. Pant said ” this is creation of children of class 4 to 6 on Saturday they get a class for craft work. In which they learn to utilise the waste material into a useful item.The articles are prepared by the small children under guidance of Archana Joshi Ma’am,who visits us on Saturday.”It was great to see school not only promoting bookish knowledge but also promoting children in different fields.This school is helping to empower students with the strong character traits that they will use in their daily decision making. Inspiring life-long learners, equipping citizens to participate in every activity and, most importantly, giving students the freedom to choose—making it possible for them to have limitless options for their life paths and careers.



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