Read to know about Bihu festival 2019

Bihu is one of the most special festivals of Assam. When the people of Assam offer their first harvest of the season to their god Shabrai. So that his house is always full of grains. This harvest is a festival celebrated in the joy of cooking. Apart from Assam, it is celebrated in Odisha, Punjab, Nepal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This day is the custom of wearing new clothes, bathing and washing.


15-21 April 2019 



Importance of Bihu 

With the introduction of the new year, harvesting is auspicious for marriage and marriage, and this is what makes it special. 

How to celebrate Baisakh Bihu

Baisakhi begins with the month New Year of Assam This festival, which lasted for 7 days, is celebrated with different rituals. It is also known as Bohag Bihu. The cow is worshiped on the first day of Bihu. In morning and early morning it is carried in the river and it is bathed. Raw turmeric and dal lentils are used for bathing. To smash mosquito-fly around them, the smoked is done with medicinal plants. There are new ropes to bind cows. On this day, people eat curd and pepper in the day.  

Assamese people organize all kinds of events in the new year’s happiness. Greens and green leaves are eaten along with the dishes. People in Bihu dance at the Bihu dance, which is the traditional dance here. Dancing, dancing, flute, papa, rhythm, dancing, men and women wear is also traditional. 

Marriage is the beginning of marriage

Beginning here along with the Bihu festival, the wedding is the period of marriage. When women choose their own life partner with their choice. Most marriages are concluded this month. Colorful programs work to increase and maintain festival festivals. 

Three types of bihu festival  

The Bihu Festival comes not only one but three times a year. Which is known by different names. Bihu celebrated in April is known as Rongali and Bohag, while the Bihu of October was named after the name of Kangali and Kati, then the person celebrated in January is known as Bhogali and Magh Bihu.     


On this day houses have the custom to make coconut laddus, mosquito nut, bengena khar, ghella peetha.


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