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भारी चालान से कैसे निपटें, जाने खुद पुलिस से।

A cop’s video on what drivers can do in case they are issued a hefty traffic challan has gone massively viral online. Under the amended Motor Vehicles Act 2019, traffic challans have increased by up to 10 times. The penalty for driving without a license, for example, has been hiked from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000. The new law has led to protests, shocked reactions, memes and even some creative workarounds. In his viral video, cop Sunil Sandhu explains that under certain circumstances, it is possible to pay just Rs. 100 for a Rs. 2,000 traffic challan issued under Motor Vehicles Act 2019.

Mr Sandhu explains that the traffic fine for driving without a license or registration certificate is Rs. 5,000. Driving without a pollution certificate can attract a fine of Rs. 10,000, while missing insurance documentation can cost drivers Rs. 2,000, as per the new traffic challan list.

However, in case a driver has simply forgotten to carry their documents with them, it is possible to reduce these fines to Rs. 100.

Mr Sandhu explains that violators have 15 days to pay their traffic police challans. In these 15 days, they can approach the authorities with proper documentation and pay Rs. 100 as fine, instead of the full amount.

While the process to do this may be cumbersome and time-consuming, it can save drivers money. Of course, this provision does not apply to offences like driving without a helmet or drunk driving.

Watch Mr Sandhu’s video below:

22000 हजार का #चालान 400 में कैसे निपटाए

22000 हजार का #चालान 400 में कैसे निपटाए, इस पुलिस जवान ने एकदम सही सलाह दी है

Posted by Studfeed on Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Since being shared to Facebook about a week ago, the video has collected 9.7 million views. In the comments section, many grateful Facebook users have thanked Mr Sandhu for raising awareness about traffic fines and rules under the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019.


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